Ultra Gold Premium Solid Machine Detergent; 4x9LBS/cs

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Premium Solid Machine Detergent; SOLID GOLD is a concentrated alkaline cleaner, with multi-purpose water conditioning agents and corrosion inhibitors. This combination cleans the dirtiest dishes—dried egg yolk and baked on cheese. It destains tea and coffee cups, promotes machine skimming action, prevents lime and scale build-up in wash arms, spray jets, racks and chains, and it does it all safely without corroding or pitting delicate machine parts.
Use only in APPROVED DISPENSERS. Do NOT mix with anything other than water. DO NOT REMOVE CAPSULE UNTIL IT IS EMPTY.
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: To remove empty container, carefully lift from dispenser, turn upright and use cover from new container to close empty container. Place new container open end down in dispenser. Dispose of used container immediately. Do Not reuse empty container.