Ultra Compact Scrubber; with battery and Nyloscrub brush

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PARK THE MOP:? Truly CLEAN your floors with a Compact Scrubber!

When your floors are dirty, CLEAN them in one pass!? Using this COMPACT SCRUBBER, it?s so easy:

Cleaning solution is applied through dual brushes which spin and deep clean your floor.

Powerful suction picks up the dirt and water as it scrubs, washing and drying your floor all in one motion, as fast as you walk!


  • ?Agile
  • Lightweight
  • Works like a large AutoScrubber, but fits in tight spaces
  • Gets right to the edge and under obstacles
  • Suction removes soiled? water, germs and debris
  • Keeps floors much cleaner with a daily deep cleaning action: lifts soil out of grout and grooves
  • Leaves floors dry and safe, reducing slip hazards
  • Fast cleaning action reduces labor costs by 70%*
  • 80% savings in water / cleaning solution usage*
  • In Eco Mode, one 0.6 gallon tank of cleaning solution covers 7,000 square feet of hard surface!

NUC 244 NX Ultra Compact Scrubber comes complete with (1) battery and Nyloscrub brush.? The NX300 High-Power lithium battery pack has a 1 Hour fast charge with 80 minutes of runtime.? ?This battery is interchangeable across the whole NX300 network of Pro Cordless tools, from Backpack Vacuums to Cordless Vacuums to Autoscrubbers.

*Based on replacing 4 gallon manual mopping system with 244NX cleaning 7 days per week.