Buckeye Straight-Up is a true pH neutral cleaner. Across the nation, water sources vary above and below neutral or the pH of 7. When added to water, Straight-Up automatically adjusts the solution to neutral, regardless of your water source?s pH. This means Straight-Up is safer for your floors. Straight-Up also has an excellent detergent system, providing tough cleaning power not found in competitive pH neutral products. This neutral cleaning action makes Straight-Up ideal for your floor care maintenance and general cleaning assignments.

Versatile characteristics allow Straight-Up to be used in conjunction with mop and bucket applications, spray?bottles, autoscrubbers and pressure washers.

Suggested Use Dilutions
Autoscrubbers: 1 oz./gallon of water
Light soils: 1 oz./gallon of water
Normal soils: 2 oz./gallon of water
Heavy soils: 3 oz./gallon of water