Pro Spotter #3; 1 qt ea – 6/cs

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Organic & Protein Stains; Special stains require separate pretreatment. The PRO SPOTTER Stain Control Center can handle any cleaning problem you have. PRO 3 SPOTTER is formulated to removing protein based stains such as grass stains, blood, greasy kitchen rags, cooking oil, ink , cuffs, collars and dirty diapers.

IMPORTANT : Before spotting, test for dye stability by cleaning a small inconspicuous section of the garment.

DIRECTIONS: Pro 3 Spotter is ready to use. Do NOT dilute. Spray PRO 3 Spotter directly on the stain. Separate items requiring pretreatment. Treat stains as soon as possible-fresh stains generally come out more easily. Follow treatment instructions to remove stain. Use care when handling all chemicals – wear appropriate clothing. Read and follow package directions when using any stain removal material. Wash hands after handling contaminated laundry. Return chemicals to proper storage area.
HIBICLENS, GRASS, CHOCOLATE , MUSTARD, WINE, URINE, FECES, COLLAR S, SUNTAN OIL, TOBACCO : Saturate with spotter. Agitate with a brush or rub vigorously. Wait 5 to 10 minutes, and then launder as usual.
RECOMMENDED USES: Grass Stains, Cosmetics, Greasy Kitchen Rags, Blood Stains, Cooking Oil, Ink