Pipeline Drain & Grease Trap Treatment; 1 qt ea – 12/cs


Drain & Grease Trap Treatment; Clean out and clear up organic odor-causing waste in drains, down pipes, grease traps and septic fields with this semi-viscous enzyme treatment. Keeps drains open safely and effectively. Naturally occurring, non-pathogenic aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and enzymes work continuously to solubilize and digest waste without the use of harmful acids, caustics or solvents. This natural decomposition of soils and waste helps eliminate drain and sewer line problems when used as directed in a regular program. PIPELINE is safe, easy to use and requires no special equipment. This semi-viscous formula clings on vertical surfaces for improved retention and performance.?? Shake well. Apply during the period of lowest flow. Treat the lowest levels of a system first to prevent blockage by materials released from higher levels. GREASE TRAPS: Begin treatment after pumping. Hand clean thick mats. For clean-up, add 1 quart of product per 25 cubic ft. capacity (190 gals.) daily until odor and mat are gone. For maintenance, add 5 oz. of product per 26 cubic ft. capacity daily. DRAIN AND DOWN PIPES: For clean-up, apply daily for one week. For maintenance, apply 2 to 4 times per week. May be used after a sulfuric acid drain opener if the system is flushed completely. Rate of application: Use 2 oz. per 2 in. of pipe diameter. Note: Not intended for emergency use in opening totally clogged drains.SEPTIC TANKS?Home System: Apply 8 oz. monthly. Institutions: Apply 8 oz. for every 12 people using the system weekly. Apply by pouring into toilet and flushing. If the system is clogged or odorous, double the amount used and treat daily until flow improves and/or odor is controlled. TILE FIELDS: Treat with 1 gal. applied through the distribution box. Retreat daily until open. Use a garden hose to distribute. PORT-A-TOILET S AND PIT TOILETS: apply 1 to 1 1/2 gallon along with enough water to cover solids. Maintain with 4 to 16 oz. weekly. Re-treat after pumping with 1/2 to 1 gallon of product. Do not add disinfectants or other chemicals. RECREATIONAL VEHICLES AND OTHER HOLDING TANKS: Initially add 3 oz. per gallon of water in the tank. Maintain with 1oz. per day. Commercial users maintain with 1 oz. per gallon capacity. SEWAGE TREATMENT : Consult your local distributor for further information and instructions.