Pextrol Dust Mop Treatment; 1 Gal – 4/cs

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Water Based Dust Mop Treatment; A milky white, stable emulsion. PEXTROL is excellent as a spray-on dust controller and for treating dust mops and cloths. It won’t harm floor finishes or leave a slippery film. Safe on furniture, woodwork, gym floors, resilient floors, concrete, terrazzo, plastic, etc Dust Mops: Spray or pour on mop head by the following guidelines: 18 inch mop — 1/2 pint (8 oz.), 36 inch mop — 3/4 pint (12 oz.), 48 inch mop — 1 pint (16 oz.). Shake out excess oil and use immediately or wrap to cure for later use.
Asphalt Tile Floors: Spray dust mop with Pextrol solution and go over floors in usual manner. Where asphalt tile floors have become faded and worn, the rich natural color can be restored by careful use of this product. Dip dust mop in Pextrol solution. Wring out dry and mop worn or faded area thoroughly. Do not use excessive amounts of Dust Mop Treatment. It is not necessary to saturate floors because Pextrol is homogenized and the colloidal particles spread easily. A small amount goes a long way. Spray the milky solution onto the mop yarn until it becomes moist. It is not necessary to saturate mops. They should only be moistened. Clean dust mop often. The dressing will wash out easily and the mop will give longer service. Dust mops can be washed in the dust mop treatment solution. Wring out thoroughly and allow to dry. Remember it is important to have a clean mop in order to get best results and maintain attractive floors.
Spray Method: This solution can be sprayed lightly on wood, tile or terrazzo floors and then gone over lightly with a dust mop. Pextrol will bring back the life and luster to the floors leaving a glossy sheen and highly attractive finish.