The Marathon 350 was developed to be a compact, highly-mobile spotter offering professional performance on upholstery,
staircases, drapes and other challenging cleaning applications. We wanted our customers to be able to operate
the Marathon 350 right out of the box with all the tools necessary as standard, including a floor tool and wand.
The hand and floor tools were designed to be semi-enclosed. This design ensures that more water is contained
within the cleaning path, improving water recovery and helping to reduce dry times.
The features found on the Marathon 350 exceed those found on competitive spotters in the market today

These units are perfect for the following environments:
• Health care environments where elevated sanitation, noise and environmental standards must be achieved
• Schools and universities where clean environments mean improved test scores
• Retail or hotel settings where round-the-clock clean floors and upholstery mean improved safety and continued
business success
• Building service contractors who must deliver maximum cleaning performance and speed, while
reducing the total cost of cleaning
• Auto detailing where small spaces need to be accessed in close quarters