Liquid Silver Flatware Presoak & Detarnisher; 1 Gallon Ea – 4/cs

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Flatware Presoak & Detarnisher; LIQUID SILVER chemically removes every hint of tarnish without abrasives or wear. Even ornate patterns are as easy to clean as plain unadorned pieces. This double-duty product is an effective soak for softening food soils on flatware prior to machine processing and helps remove egg yolk, cheese, dried catsup and other sticky food residues. LIQUID SILVER is an ideal pre-soak for bake and serve escargot pans, onion soup tureens, pasta dishes and other hard to clean items.LIQUID SILVER is an absolute must for beautiful silver and can end many ?cook and serve? cleaning difficulties. Use it and watch your facility?s reputation shine. DETAILED USAGE & INSTRUCTIONS STAIN LESS FLAT WARE : Prepare a warm or hot water solution containing 2 to 4 ounces of LIQUID SILVER per gallon in a dishpan. Soak flatware for several minutes in the solution, sort and place stainless in utensil cups and cycle in your dishwasher.
SILVER WARE : Line a dishpan with clean aluminum foil or place clean detarnishing plates in the bottom. Prepare a 2 to 4 ounce per gallon warm or hot water solution in the dishpan. Immerse silverware completely in solution and allow to soak for several minutes. Remove and rinse thoroughly, place in utensil cups and cycle through dishwasher.
? To detarnish silver, follow package directions.
? Either detarnishing plates or clean aluminum foil must be present to activate chemical process.