Liddles 4-oz Portion Cup; 2/450 per case Item#87220


Liddles Portion Cup With Lid – 4 Oz

Exclusively from Dixie, Liddles Portion Cups are six small containers attached to make filling, storing and serving sauces and dips easier.
Each cup is perforated to easily break apart from the others as needed, promoting quick service.
The lids are attached to the cups, eliminating misplaced lids and ordering issues.
Available in two-ounce and four-ounce sizes and with its six-pack design, Liddles Portion Cups make it easy to fill multiple portions, close, stack and inventory for the food operator


  • Attached lids means no more searching for coordinating lids or dealing with multiple SKU?s
  • Square shape for easy stacking and storage
  • Industry standard shape and size
  • Easy fill, snap, stack – Saves up to 47 percentage of operator time over traditional portion cups
  • Secure lids keeps freshness in
  • Snaps apart easily – Individual or multiple portions are perforated
  • Extremely efficient – Close 3 lids at a time with one hand