L.T.R. Low Temperature Rinse; 5 Gallon Pail

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Low Temperature Rinse; LTR has been formulated for use in the rinse cycle of low temperature machines, converted
hot machines and dishwashers whose rinse water cannot be maintained at 180?F. It allows thorough and complete rinsing of dishes, glasses, pots and pans, silverware and other utensils. Although drying is somewhat slower, due to the water temperature, this additive speeds the process. The minimum rinse temperature at which this product may be expected to perform is 125?F. Higher water temperature, of course, will allow lower use concentrations. LTR is stable in the presence of hypochlorite and iodine sanitizers and contains no dangerous alcohols or acids and will not damage the glaze on china or plasticware. DETAILED USAGE & INSTRUCTIONS
LOW TEMPERATURE DISHWASHER S: Adjust dispenser (pump) to deliver 2 to 6 cc per gallon based on machine tank capacity. For softer or hotter water, add less additive. For harder or cooler water, add more additive. Set for desired results.
CONVERTED HOT MACHINE S: Adjust rinse pump to deliver 100 to 300 ppm in final rinse water. This equals 0.6 to 1.7 cc during rinse cycle. Again, add more for harder, cooler water; less for softer, hotter water.
? Water temperatures must be 125?F or higher.