L.T.D. Low Temperature Machine Detergent; 1 Gallon Ea – 4/cs

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Low Temperature Machine Detergent; You wanted economical dishwashing, so you chose the low temperature method. Now you need an economical detergent. LTD is it! This detergent is specially designed for low temperature machines and is a super strength product. Liquids are instant action, dispersion is immediate, and the correct concentration is quickly attained. This thin, liquid is easy-to-use and you get full use of every drop. Liquids are pumped into the machine, nothing to clog the dispenser, and no product gets left in the container, out of reach of the feeding system.
LOW TEMPERATURE DISHWASHERS: Adjust dispenser (pump) to deliver 3 to 7 cc per 1 1/2 to 2 gallons of water in the wash cycle. For softer or hotter water with less soil load, add less detergent. For harder or cooler water or with heavier soil loads, add more detergent.
CONVERTED HOT MACHINES: Maintain 150 to 300 ppm available alkalinity depending upon water hardness and soil conditions.