Immerse-A-Clean? 110V version (Without Battery and Charger) – GenEon


Portable, Handheld Electro-Chemical Activation / Electrolyzing Technology for Making Cleaning, Degreasing, Sanitizing, Disinfecting and Ionization Solutions On Demand.

Immerse-A-Clean allow users to generate the right solution for the job every time. The ?truly? flexible Immerse-A-Clean can be wall mounted, connected to your scrubber or extractor or even used in remote areas in places with no electrical or access to running water.

The Immerse-A-Clean generates solutions for cleaning, degreasing, sanitizing / disinfecting, carpet cleaning, or floor prep ? without toxicity and without breaking the budget. The Immerse-A-Clean can truly be used anytime and anywhere?when it?s connected to a power outlet.