Dynamo-X Foaming Meatroom Cleaner Degreaser; 1 Gallon Ea

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The finest heavy-duty cleaner-stripper-degreaser available. Much higher in solids and active ingredients than other products of this type, yet lower in alkalinity than most. Outstanding for stripping floors, heavy-duty cleaning in kitchens, shop areas, garages and other difficult areas; smoke damage cleaning; fast spray-cleaning of all washable hard surfaces; and countless other applications requiring FAST cleaning action. Completely safe, because extra emulsifier content does the work rather than harsh alkali. Recommended without reservation for all demanding cleaning applications. Slightly viscous, clear green liquid with mild, characteristic odor.

• Meat Rooms and Meat Departments
• Food Processing Plants
• Meat Packing Facilities
• Butcher Shops and Delicatessens