Dumpster Fresh MalOdor Neutralizer; 25 lbs

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Garbage Malodor Neutralizer; Eliminate garbage odors at their source and keep them from returning. DUMPSTER FRESH is
specifically designed to eliminate odors in and around trash collection areas. DETAILED USAGE & INSTRUCTIONS in Dumpsters, compactors, garbage cans and disposal trucks: DUMPSTER FRESH is most effective when applied immediately after container has been emptied or unloaded. Sprinkle DUMPSTER FRESH on the bottom of the container to absorb and deodorize excess moisture. Continue to add DUMPSTER FRESH to the top of the refuse as the container fills up. For Floors (indoors and outdoors): DUMPSTER FRESH may also be added to sweeping compound and applied directly to the floor in large areas where strong odors exist. Simply sweep in usual manner.
RECOMMENDED USES: Dumpsters, Grocery Stores, Hospitals, Garbage Cans, Dumpsites, Diaper Pails, Garbage Trucks, Restaurants, Fish Markets, Fast Food Chains, Trash Receptacles and Hotels.