Buckeye Blue All Purpose General Cleaner, 1 Gallon ea, 4 per Case

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Versatile, all-purpose general cleaner for use on all types of surfaces.

Buckeye Blue is fast-acting and economical for your countless cleaning applications. Use it in both hard and cold water, and its no-rinse formula won’t leave any film behind.

Buckeye Blue effectively cleans virtually any surface:
• Ceramic tile
• Walls
• Restroom fixtures
• Skylights
• Partitions
• Counter tops
• Vinyl seats
• Floors
• Other nonporous surfaces

Buckeye Blue’s versatility allows it to be used in several application methods:  mop and bucket, spray and wipe, automatic scrubbers, and pressure washers.
Suggested mop and bucket dilutions:
Light Soils: 1 oz. per gallon (1:128).
Normal Soils: 2 oz. per gallon (1:64)
Heavy Soils: 4 oz. per gallon (1:32)
Spray & Wipe: 12 oz. per gallon (1:10)