Blu Foam Heavy Duty Pot & Pan Detergent; 1 Gallon Ea – 4/cs

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Heavy Duty Pot & Pan Detergent; Get the best of grease and grime with swift and strong BLU FOME. Special fast-acting, highpowered suds penetrate deep into stubborn food, grease and carbon residues to dissolve them and float them away. Eliminates spotting too, thanks to ingredients which do not react to water’s calcium and magnesium salts. One rinse and your dishes and silverware, pots and pans air dry to a gleam—all in less time than you thought possible. BLU FOME is economical. In competitive laboratory tests BLU FOME outperformed all other detergents by cleaning more dishes per ounce. All this and gentle, too. Gentle on hands because it contains emollients which silken skin. DETAILED USAGE & INSTRUCTIONS
Sink #1 (Wash Tank): Fill with hot water (110°F) and BLU FOME at the rate of 1/4 – 1/2 ounce per gallon of water, depending on soil level.
Sink #2 (Rinse Tank): Fill with clean water (110-120°F).
Sink #3 (Sanitizing Tank): Fill with hot water and sanitizer DALEY Pepcocide or Sanitizer No Rinse Sanitizer.
Dishwashing: (1) Submerge scraped utensils in Wash Tank. Allow to soak. Scrub utensils (inside and outside) with pot brush or scouring pad. (2) Rinse thoroughly in RINSE Sink. Immerse Time: 30 Seconds. (3) Place utensils in SANITIZE Sink. Immerse Time: 1 Minute. Change detergent solution as soil load becomes apparent. Change rinse water often. Test sanitizer solution periodically and change as needed to maintain required sanitizer/water ratio or when water becomes visibly dirty.