Supersonic Spray Buff Compound: 32 oz ea – 12/cs - #1086C1Q12

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  • Description

    Product Description

    Ready To Use Spray Buff; Supersonic contains special cleaning agents and solvents to remove scratches, scuffs and black heel marks. It also contains acrylic polymers to revive and enhance gloss. This compound may be applied with simple spray devices and buffed out with standard or high speed machines.
    A one pad buff with one pass cleans and shines. For even better results a 2-pad system may be used for deep cleaning and remarkable gloss. DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS
    Dust mop floor to remove grit and dust. Clean floor thoroughly. Apply a mist of Supersonic to the floor just ahead of your high speed floor machine. Spray and buff as needed to remove black heel marks and polish finish to a brilliant shine.
    To use as a mop on restorer, dilute 1:10 with water, mop on, let dry, and polish to a brilliant shine. Use a cleaning pad on heavily soiled or scratched floors. Turn pad when it becomes dirty and change pad as needed. Once floor is clean, use a white polishing pad to polish the surface to a high gleaming shine.

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